We believe fitness is for everybody, not just the experienced athlete!

Client Testimonial

Yes! Youth Fitness & Sports Performance History

“We love YES! Fitness. As parents of three kids at all different fitness levels, we love the variety that is offered at YES! They know kids and are all great working with them at their own level. We have utilized the Energy classes, Solutions classes, and Personal Training and couldn’t be happier. This is the best place for youth to learn the importance of fitness and enjoy the process. The best benefit has been the boost in self-confidence we have seen in all three, thanks to the great trainers.” J.S.

YES! Youth Fitness & Sports Performance is the first of its kind fitness program for youth beginning at age five and exists to provide fitness programs for all youth, whether they are unconditioned, are seasoned athletes, or are somewhere in between.

YES! was founded by Michael S. Cardinale who, after spending a career in the Adult fitness industry, felt a burden to help provide solutions for youth who were battling obesity, poor self-image or just wanted a great start at a lifelong pursuit of better health.

With obesity at its highest rate in history, we created YES! to be a fun, inspiring and motivating fitness center for youth. The YES! “Fitness Blueprint” is designed to better each youth’s chances for success. This includes turning around the obesity rate by getting youth more active with fitness fundamentals and helping them learn wellness. Our Sports Performance Programs offer instruction for proper form, intensity and focus while providing valuable injury prevention techniques for athletes. Because we believe there is no better example for youth than their family, we offer Adult Classes for parents and adults who want to model a lifelong pursuit of good health.

The YES! Core Values include coach-driven, interactive and FUN fitness activities to encourage youth to pursue better health and wellness for life! Results include improvement in cardiovascular health, spatial awareness, gross motor skills and coordination as well as learning teamwork and improving self-confidence. Our Sports Performance Programs give athletes the cutting edge on competition and longevity in their sport through proper training. Our hope is that families will find YES! to be the answer to their needs, whether that be better overall fitness for life or Sports Performance for the athlete.

YES! Youth Fitness + Sports Performance is a cutting edge program designed specifically with youth, starting at age 5, in mind. YES! addresses the needs of three specific groups:

1. The De-conditioned youth: one who may be overweight or obese, is inactive, and may suffer from confidence or other issues.
2. The general conditioned youth: one with a baseline level of fitness who still needs to improve to achieve optimal conditioning.
3. The athlete: one who is interested in sports performance and injury prevention.

Each of our YES! phases features age appropriate exercises designed to advance each youth’s level of fitness at his or her own pace. That is why interactive coaching plays an integral part in each of our programs. Each phase is designed to build and develop proper movement mechanics, progressive overload and injury prevention.

A rising number of youth struggle with weight issues, and there are few programs successfully addressing this issue. Other youth have special needs, delayed motor skills or self-esteem issues. YES! is designed to meet the needs of all youth, no matter what their current level of conditioning. We are also considered by most the GOLD standard in Home School PE Programing as well..

The Three Phases of YES! are:

  • Energy Phase is generally designed for youth ages 5-7 features a fun, interactive class and emphasizes the fundamentals of fitness including coordination and motor skill development, team work and cardiovascular health. Youth enrolled in this phase will enjoy a positive atmosphere while learning that exercise can be fun!
  • Solutions Phase is the perfect blend of cardio and strength exercises designed to build core strength, stability, flexibility and coordination. By about age nine, most youth are developmentally able to increase the level of exercise in which they participate.
  • Power Phase is the next step, designed for youth aged twelve and older. Their bodies are now beginning to mature, with an increased ability to build lean muscle mass, and to increase agility, mobility and power output.

In addition to our YES! Phases, we also offer specialty classes including Speed and Weightlifting which give youth the opportunity to target specific skills.

All YES! programs are science-based, results-oriented classes designed to be fun, interactive and perfectly balanced to minimize boredom and maximize success! Participants can expect results including increased cardiovascular fitness, stamina, coordination and strength and power improvements. Members may also benefit from small group or individual training sessions to help address health or behavioral needs , to reach goals more quickly or to continue post-physical therapy rehabilitation. In addition to the fitness side, we offer sound nutritional advice and dietary guidelines to help our members achieve optimum health benefits.