My children attends One on One sessions and group sessions at the Austin Texas location. I just would like to complement the team on how well the facility has looked lately. Everything is well cleaned and organized and ready to go when the kids get there. I would also like to complement the coaches they all seem to have great attitudes and a really involved. Our YES coach really gets involved with the kids and make sure that they’ve learned the importance of team play.  Staff is constantly talking with parents and making sure that their days are going well. My kids have so much fun going to YES fitness. They look forward to it when they get home from school every day. I’m so glad that this is in our community. Thank you all for your time.    M.W.

My son enjoyed his 1st class so much that he refused to take his gym clothes off for the 1st three days. He even refused to shower because he wanted o be ready for the gym. He has since woken up each morning, put his gym card by the front door with his water bottle, and asked me at least once each hour, ‘Is it time yet?” He is loving every class!   J.B.

My daughter has gained confidence to keep going even when faced with obstacles. This is evidenced by her performance in a junior triathlon.  She hit a cone and crashed her bike and immediately got up and kept going. Before YES! she would have wanted for someone to help her and tell her she was OK before going on. She ended up getting 4th place in her age group, a great performance for her first triathlon. D.S.

I like that my entire family can participate in fitness classes suited for the age. I have been interested in a gym membership for a long time. But I never wanted to take the extra time away from spending it with my children. Now we have somewhere that we all go together and they can see that we consider exercise and fitness important.  Also, we have a special needs child. Having the Crusaders class is a god-send!   J.L.

Very helpful and accommodating to help us with my son’s schedule, plus the positive attitude at YES by all the coaches.  J.R.

You care about the families that go there. Also how hard every single coach try’s to stay involved in the kids and the families so every one is happy and comfortable. It’s a very positive environment for everyone. We love it here. M.R.

I love the coaches enthusiasm and how they keep everything really positive. M.F.