Throughout the last few years there has been an ongoing debate to whether sports is doing ‘the job’ to counteract the trends of physical fitness and wellness for our youth. So ask yourself, do you see more or less kids being overweight? That’s what I thought, you either said ‘I’ve seen no changes’ or ‘No, it seems like kids are getting lazier and the obesity rate is getting higher’. Statistics by the CDC state that approximately 1/3 of our kids are overweight or obese, amazingly enough as well is that there are more youth involved in organized sports than ever. Now, this is not a beat up session for sports programs and certainly they are not to be blamed for the rise in obesity, yet this is to bring awareness of the true needs or our youth. Education has begun the last few years starting in the schools, yet they are continuously taking away much needed structured & unstructured exercise demands that our kids’ bodies need.
At YES! we encourage our youth to be involved in whatever their dreams aspire to be. YES fitness programs have been designed to fit into the hustle and bustle of everyday activities. Building a foundation of exercise for your sports youth enable them to really have the fun they are looking for when they play their sport, because let’s face it, no kid goes out for any sport to tone up/reduce their body weight/better their cholesterol numbers/balance/coordination, their intent is 99% based on having FUN! At YES we encourage each youth to be the best they can be and work to build up their confidence and exercise threshold simultaneously. Plus as they go through the season they come in and stay active to be at the top of their game!!