What is a Coach’s Consultation?

The Coach’s Consultation is a vital tool to our success in serving you as the client. This meeting between the coach and the family typically follows a Fitness Assessment or a complimentary Advanced Training  Session and is scheduled every four to eight weeks. During this consultation, the coach will  go over the current and previous results of the Fitness Assessment or complimentary Advanced Training  Session. He or she will communicate strengths of the assessment, areas for growth and  listen to goals.  He or she will then make recommendations and a plan to reach those goals.  This is also the best time for any questions, comments, or concerns in regard to physical development. The Coach’s Consultation is where we put together goals, help define your why, and create plans for achieving dreams.

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Coach’s Consultation Tools

Fitness Assessment Strengths:  We’ll explain the results of the fitness assessment and the science behind each test and how we use them to continue improvement.

Fitness Assessment Opportunities for Improvement:   We constantly test and assess performance of each individual in every facility. Continued consistency in training allows us to promote and use different approaches after weakness or regressions have been exposed through the fitness assessment.

In-Class Results:  In-class results highlight the performance or lack of performance in a class or comp session. The fitness assessment is a great tool, but nothing exposes the ability to perform like performance in class. Attitude, nutrition, age and other factors influence the ability to conquer physical exercise elements.

Specific needs for current activities:  We want to provide you with the best and well-rounded training! Our coaches come with an array of skill-sets and athletic backgrounds. If you have a sports specific skills or other skills that require a specified strength or flexibility, your coach will be able to help put together a plan for you.

Goals: Following the results from the strengths, opportunities and in-class results, goals are the natural next step. Your coach will ask you what you want to achieve based upon the fitness assessment or athletic goals. Parents will be asked to engage more in what they feel is needed and if the student or athlete is attending the session, their input is just as important.

YES! Recommendations: Your coach will recommend the best plan and program for your needs and schedule.  This may  range from Large Group Classes,  a combination of programs, our Physician’s Referral Program or Individual, Buddy, or Small Group Training.   Coaches will discuss the recommended frequency of training to help you acheive best results.  Nutrition is also a vital factor in results, so coaches may also recommend nutritional changes to help you reach your goals.

Next Steps: The next steps are simple. Your coach will  ensure you received the best prices and services for your family. Lastly, your schedule is set and the next class or session is yours to attend and complete!