We understand that life happens, so our program allows families to have flexibility with their fitness resources. YES! has three options : For a nominal fee of only $7 per month, clients may “freeze” their account but still attend YES! twice per month and complete a fitness assessment. This option offers a level of engagement but also allows for other activities or sports seasons. For those whirlwind seasons of busyness, the “suspend” option offers families the opportunity to do one fitness assessment per month without incurring any monthly fees. In addition, there is no “re-enrollment” fee, so when you are ready to re-engage at YES!, your billing simply resumes at the fee you were previously paying. Though we always hate to lose a client, we do offer the option to “cancel” for families or clients who no longer wish to participate at YES! Cancellation requests must be received ten days prior to the next billing date, and accounts must be up to date or or past due monies paid before cancellation. If a client wishes to re-enroll after cancellation, enrollment fees and current dues amount will apply. YES! desires to be a fitness resource for all families, so we offer a free fitness assessment at any time you or your family member would like to see your latest results.